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Love the idea of paging through old photo albums, getting lost in a beautiful moment, and wishing you had a way to capture that memory forever? 

You're in luck - because that is exactly what I was born to do. To capture all those larger than life and magical in between moments, and to do it in a way that is surprisingly comfortable and makes you feel like an actual living and breathing work of art. 

my business story

I am Annie (she/her), your hopeless romantic photographer who specializes in capturing intimate weddings and fat positive body celebrating boudoir! You are so incredibly loved and welcome here.

A few important things to know about me:

I believe all bodies, loves, and identities deserve to be celebrated - and I believe in lifting up marginalized bodies, voices, and loves! I am queer affirming and believe that Black lives matter.

I am also a natural light photographer - meaning that I am educated and equipped to work in all lighting situations, but there is nothing more lovely and delightful than that gorgeous natural light. If it is available, that is what I will be using! Low light scenarios included - check out some of my galleries or request a full online album to sample some of my favorite moody, low light scenarios.

If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d be a painter or a stage actress - preferably Shakespeare. I’ve known since I was 5 years old that I was going to work in the arts one day, so by supporting this business you are literally supporting a 5 year old’s dreams. Thank you!

Fun Fact

The Artist's Journey

Kindergarten Art On A Cart

Shout out to Mrs Delgando! 

I’m not kidding!! Haha I have known since the ripe old age of 5 that I needed to create. I drew that one crayon drawing, lying on my back with the page taped to the bottom of my desk (we were doing a lesson on Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel), and I just knew. I wanted to be an artist. What kind of artist I wouldn’t discover for at least a few more years.

Something Clicked (ha, get it?)

F1 racing and my first 35 mm film

I was 10 and my Dad brought me to his favorite event - the Formula One Grand Prix. My grandfather’s 35 mm in hand, the cars came around the bend and I had been waiting, arms aching as I kept my composition centered on the turn just in front of us. Suddenly there was a swerve and a car spun out! Dust rose all around the track and my Dad’s words, “wait for the shot, wait for the shot!” Just as the first cars emerged from the cloud of dust and haze, I felt my shutter click and that certainty that I DID IT. I GOT THE SHOT. It was a fricking thrill and I began photographing absolutely everything I could from that day on. 

Fast Forward

The college years

After taking every possible art and photography class I could in High school and my mom being absolutely CERTAIN I would be a photographer when I grew up, I still hadn’t gotten the hint. I majored in Art History with a business minor, and I do not regret a minute of it. That art history lens has shaped and provided immeasurable depth to who I am as a photographer and how I help my clients pose and feel at ease in front of my camera. I’ve got a whole history of creativity to inspire me, from cave paintings to NYC happenings and baroque masterpieces, all of which allow me to help you feel like living and breathing art. Your story and the photos we create together are your own little piece of real time art history in the making. 

The Launch of Annie Minicuci Photography

making it official

In 2009 I photographed my first wedding; I was still in college and got paid $150 and Chinese takeout at the reception. Everyone starts somewhere, right? In 2013 I was photographing family and portraits regularly and in 2015 and 2016 I booked as many summer weddings as my job would give me PTO for, including a really cool mountain destination wedding in upstate NY. Finally in 2017 I registered my business, bought a domain, and set out to make this thing for real. In 2019 I gave my office my notice, and by 2020 I had jumped in for better or for worse to do this with you. Every baby step, every session, and every leap of faith was hard work mixed with magic, and now I cannot even remember what it was like to be anything other than your photographer. It is the best thing in the world. 

Sharing the why behind my Work

Trauma informed, people-first, and art history inspired photos are my niche - but really all that means is that my priority is YOU and that I have a degree in art history that I just can’t seem to shake when it comes to finding inspiration in colors, composition, and storytelling.

comfortable, reflective, romantic, and creative

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